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The system aims to record the daily entries of the various accounts, which are migrated to the general daily accounts, so that it is possible to inquire directly about any account at any time.

Stores & warehouses

Warehouse management system is designed to give detailed reports on the entry and exit of products to and from the warehouse, quick and at the highest degree of control and confidential manner


Facilitates the selling process in all commercial activities, saves time and effort in managing store chains from transferring goods, following up on sales and controlling prices in sales outlets electronically


You can easily manage everything related to employees, from personal employees data to salaries, deductions, incentives and allowances.

Customers & suppliers

System contains all accounts for purchases and sales, as well as everything related suppliers accounts and currencies.

Special extensions

Through the ideas that you put into place to fit the system with your goals, we in turn are working to create additions that enhance those ideas and achieve the goal.

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