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Amala is headquartered in Riyadh, a Saudi company, and has several branches through representation and trade cooperation in friendly countries, namely: Dubai, France, Italy, India, China and Korea.
The company is also proud of its diversified investments and risk management through its investments, with a focus on human resources, which the company considers the most important and stable asset.

Our mission

Invest in human thought in order to build our investments lead change and add value beyond the challenges of time

Team spirit

In unity and solidarity, a sense of belonging and caring for the vision of our organization and its goal, and our vision of the unique and our goal is to achieve excellence in all contribute to what we plan for.


If we are to succeed, we must ensure the clarity of our strategy with our partners and employees, it aims to motivate and engage them in the best way to meet the achievement of the objectives set.

Our vision

For our company to have the leading name that international and local companies seek by enabling our capabilities for distinctive growth and development in order to make the difference.

Our values

It is non-negotiable as it is considered one of the foundations of our success, and we really focus on how to enhance, protect and grow our partners over time through our commitment to what we believe in.

Diversity in investment

Diversity is of great importance when it comes to achieving exceptional and stable economic results, and it is important for the sustainability of our investments and prosperity.

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