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E-commerce in numbers

In recent years, more companies are moving towards e-commerce because of the availability of potential compared to actual shops. In view of the significant shifts in e-commerce reflected on some real-life, it is important to follow statistics on e-commerce.

14 % Of global retail sales were online in 2019

2.1 % Billion online shoppers

53 % Of the world's online population Internet

19.8 % E-commerce growth 2021

Services we offer ..!
Design of websites
Design and development of web sites fit with your business needs to organize and provide easy services to your customers
Hardware Application Design
Create smart devices applications for systems iOS & Android according to the latest technologies used, with integrated connectivity with your website or e-shop.
Domain Reservation
You can not get the site without the title! Now select the scope of your site from among many domains and extensions to be suitable for the nature of your project and is the first step to build your Website
Designing Electronic Stores
Create custom stores programming solution helps companies to grow and expand in e-commerce, by building stores electronic "smart" and not just shop for sale!
Web Hosting
Hosting your site easily and distinctive prices start your site easily and quickly.
(Professional technical support around the clock)
Technical Support
We provide 24/7 technical support service for all websites, whether they were created by us or by another company
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