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We specialize in hotel furnishing to ensure an unforgettable stay, from concept to production, we are your only reference, we design our projects with extreme attention to detail, so that everything goes as planned, our long experience allows us to address any issues that may arise along the way, we care All in all, carefully selected materials ensure resistance and durability over time.
The Lounge: Where an unforgettable experience begins
The hotel lobby is where the first meeting with the guests takes place, this rather large space is the first thing that guests experience and allows those who enter to realize the quality of the services provided.
We listen to your ideas and offer you the most practical solutions for your design spaces. We never lose sight of the purpose of using our furniture,
This allows us to fully satisfy our clients’ expectations and the needs of their guests.
We have no doubts that we are the right partner for your needs.

Bedrooms: the joy of feeling at home

Whether it is a boutique hotel, a spa, a bed and breakfast or a business hotel, the primary factor that must always be considered in the furnishing of hotel rooms is intimacy, which allows the guest to feel at home.
Custom Hotel & Office Furniture

Although this basic concept of hotel rooms and administrative offices has not changed much over the years, the design and furniture of hotels and companies is evolving greatly, Amala company specializes in furniture solutions for hotels, companies and palaces, provides customized solutions in furnishings and furniture design to its clients.

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Hotel Furniture Catalogs

كتالوج رقم 11
كتالوج رقم 10
كتالوج رقم 09
bedroom furniture أثاث غرفة نوم
latest home furniture أحدث أثاث المنزل
كتالوج dining room

كتالوج 10 catalog

كتالوج 09 catalog

كتالوج catalog

كتالوج 11 catalog

latest home furniture أحدث أثاث المنزل

كتالوج dining room

bedroom furniture أثاث غرفة نوم

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